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Posted on: January 8, 2010 11:10 pm

PittScores Rankings: Midseason Version

Well  we are officially past the halfway point in the season, since each team has played at least 41 games.  These rankings are a little different then the ones I posted on the NHL board though, because only each teams first 41 games are taken into account in this version and there is nothing taken into account about who has been hot lately, because they are for the season as a whole.  Here are the rankings:

1. New Jersey Devils

  • 3.0802 rating

2.  Chicago Blackhawks

  • 3.0648 Rating

3. San Jose Sharks

  • 2.6364 Rating

4. Washington Capitals

  • 1.9994 Rating

5. Pittsburgh Penguins

  • 1.8372 Rating

6. Buffalo Sabres

  • 1.7842 Rating

7. Vancouver Canucks

  • 1.3764 Rating

8. Phoenix Coyotes

  • 1.3029 Rating

9. Calgary Flames

  • 1.2801 Rating

10. Colorado Avalanche

  • 0.9987 Rating

11. Nashville Predators

  • 0.7801 Rating

12. Los Angeles Kings

  • 0.6213 Rating

13. Boston Bruins

  • 0.3838 Rating

14. Detroit Red Wings

  • 0.1945 Rating

15. Dallas Stars

  • -0.2839 Rating

16. Ottawa Senators

  • -0.3518 Rating

17. Atlanta Thrashers

  • -0.5347 Rating

18. Philadelphia Flyers

  • -0.5347 Rating

19. Minnesota Wild

  • -0.6779 Rating

20. New York Rangers

  • -0.6932 Rating

21. Montreal Canadiens

  • -0.8660 Rating

22. St. Louis Blues

  • -1.2999 Rating

23. Florida Panthers

  • -1.3567 Rating

24. Tampa Bay Lightning

  • -1.4200 Rating

25. Anaheim Ducks

  • -1.5808 Rating

26. Edmonton Oilers

  • -1.8373 Rating

27. New York Islanders

  • -1.9197 Rating

28. Columbus Blue Jackets

  • -2.1000 Rating

29. Toronto Maple Leafs

  • -2.1671 Rating

30. Carolina Hurricanes

  • -3.6548 Rating


  • Only 1 Original 6 team in the top 10 (Blackhawks)
  • In the top 10, there are 6 Western Conference teams and 4 Eastern Conference
  • The Southeast Division owns 3 of the bottom 10 positions (Panthers, Lightning, and Hurricanes)
  • 2 Canadian Teams in the top 10 (Canucks and Flames) and 2 in the bottom 10 (Canadiens and Maple Leafs)
  • I think I will be renaming 30th place the Hurricanes award, since they have held the spot since these rankings were created
  • I was gonna put more, but this took long enough and I'm lazy

Posted on: November 29, 2008 5:34 pm

Plaxico Burress

Dear Mr. Burress,

         I am pittsports85 and have always been a fan of yours.  You are a very talented receiver, and have the potential to be top 5 in the league.  I am here today to ask you a few question.

      My first is what the hell are you doing?  The Giants just gave you a very generous contract of 5 years, 35 million dollars, and this is how you repay them?  

     First you skip a Monday team practice in October and the team cannot reach you for 2 days.  What were you doing?  The team has a right to know what you are doing when they are paying you $7 million a year.  If you had a family emergency, why didn't you contact the team and let them know?

Then you go on and miss a therapy treatment to help rehab your injury?  Why would you do that?  You are always injured and even if you were feeling better, you still should have went.  I hope you were in the other kind of therapy when you skipped this one, because you need it.

Then just last night you were at a night club with a loaded gun?  You have got to be kidding me.  Have you learned nothing from the Adam pacman Jones saga?  You are a celebrity, yes, but you are letting that go to your head.  You should not be carrying a gun around.  It is as simple as that.  And if it was a bad area, you shouldn't be there. 

I hope you can get your head straight, stop getting injured, and be the player we all know you can be.  Just please keep the gun at home, go to practice, and keep conditioned better because you are on a great team, and if you do this it will really help you into getting another super bowl ring.

The voice of reason

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