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Posted on: June 16, 2009 11:16 pm
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QOTD 6/16/09 Penguins in the offseason

What should the Pittsburgh Penguins do in the offseason? As many of you already know, I am a big Penguins fan.  I still can't get over the fact that they won the cup, but tonight I wanna think about the offseason coming up.  All numbers in this post will go off of a 56M cap, while it is 56.7 now I am just gonna have it go down a bit, just in case it does.  Also, I will be starting with a cap hit of 46.9M, which leaves the Penguins with 9.1M left to spend.

The Penguins have 10 roster player UFA's coming up (Bill Guerin, Miroslav Satan, Petr Sykora, Ruslan Fedotenko, Craig Adams, Michael Zigomanis, Philippe Boucher, Hal Gill, Rob Scuderi, and Mathieu Garon).  Of those nine, I think the following should be let go:
  • Sykora- He has shown he has lost a step, and I think his days in the NHL are done.  I expect him to sign in the KHL, maybe with the Mettallurg Magnitogorsk who have been rumored to be interested in him.
  • Satan- He showed in the playoffs that he can still play, but he is not the goal scorer he once was.  He will probably go to the KHL as well.
  • Boucher- We have a lot of defensman, and he is very expendable.
  • Hal Gill- With Lovejoy and Goligoski becoming NHL ready, and with Gill getting slower by the game I think it is best to let him go. 
  • Garon- He was decent as the back-up in the 1 1/2 games he played for the Penguins, but I think Curry should be the back-up next season.
With the remaining free agents, I would do the following:
  • Guerin- Watching him since we won the cup, no doubt he is gonna come back.  He is having so much fun, and during the parade there was a 1 more year chant for him.  Then while Malkin was talking he said "one more year for Guerin" then he said "no, 2 more years for Billy" and Guerin comes up from behind, taps him on the shoulder and gives him a thumbs up.  I think he stays for 2 years/4M.  Leaving the Penguins with 7.1M to spend.
  • Fedotenko- He showed how good he can be in the playoffs, so I think he should get around a 2 year/4M contract like Guerin leaving the Penguins with 5.1M.
  • Zigomanis- His face-off ability is amazing.  Great 4th line center to have.  Give him around 700K for a year or 2.  4.4M left.
  • Adams- He is a great 4th line player.  He has grit, defensive ability, and is something every team needs.  He should get similar money to Zigomanis, probably around 750K.  3.65M left.
  • Scuderi- Showed his value in the playoffs.  Great deffensively, 3 years 7.5M total.  1.15 left
Along with those 10 UFA's, the Penguins have a few RFA's.  The bigger ones being Alex Goligoski, Ben Lovejoy and John Curry. All 3 of these guys could be on the roster next year. 
  • Goligoski*- Amazing offensive talent, but a little weak on defense at times.  Deserves a raise, probably around 1.5M.  .-.35M left
  • Lovejoy- Amazing defensive player, was a +40 or something crazy like that in WBS.  Probably deserves 900K for now. -1.25 left.
  • Curry- Future back-up for this team, but doesn't deserve much of a raise from what he is making now.  Worth 600K. -1.85M left.
With all that done, yes they would be over the cap but I have more moves to come.  Projected line-up so far:

That is before free agency, in which I feel the Penguins will need to add a veteran defensman and maybe another player or 2.  Free agency moves I would make:
  • Trade Pascal Dupuis for draft picks, frees up 1.4M of cap space. -.45 left
  • Send Lovejoy to the minors.  .45M left
Projected opening night line-up:

The last thing I think this team should look into is getting another top-6 foreward.  The only way they would be able to do that is to trade Jordan Staal, which I would rather them not do unless they get an offer they cannot refuse for a guy like Rick Nash (which there is no chance of that is all). 

So the line-up above would be my final roster.  Thoughts?  What would you do if you were the Penguins?

*Note: I changed Goligoski from 1.1M/year to 1.5M/year because he just signed a 3 year/4.5M total deal.  Not much of a difference, but since it was signed today I decided to change it.
Posted on: April 10, 2009 9:28 pm

Improving the MLB

The MLB right now is a league that is doing well, but could be made a lot more enjoyable to more people if they made a few changes:

Salary Cap:

Of course this is the first thing I am going to address as a Pirates fan.  Some people say it wouldn't help competitiveness, but I am sure it would. One thing I would also add however is a minimum a team can spend, a players cap, and a change in new contracts.

For the salary cap, I feel that $100 million would be a reasonable start.  Of the 30 teams in the league, 9 of them are over $100 million.  5 of those 9 teams would be over by less than $20 million.  The other 4 teams would have a problem getting under the cap.  In order to do this cap, teams would have to be able to cut current roster players without penalty and same with restructuring contracts, but only the first offseason of a salary cap.

If their is gonna be a salary cap, I feel their needs to be a players cap. I think a reasonable number would be 20% of the currrent cap (which with a $100 million cap, it would be $20 million to start).  Right now, I believe only 4 players have a salary greater than this (Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, Derek Jeter, Mark Texeira).  I may be incorrect about that, however. 

For a lower limit of a salary cap, I would set it at 60% of the current salary cap ($60 million for this salary cap).  Of the 30 teams, only 3 teams are under it at the moment (Pirates, Padres, Marlins).  This would force these 3 teams to go out and spend a little bit of money to get to the cap.

I am not sure about how contracts work in the MLB, and this might be how it already is, but I would suggest once you sign a contract, you cannot restructure it.  This is one thing I hate about the NFL.  You see players holding out because they want a new contract.  I feel if you sign a contract, you should honor it and play it out.  Like I said before, this may be how it is.

Get rid of the DH:

Some people like it, some people don't.  That usually depends on which league your team plays in.  I for one am not a fan of the DH.  I feel it takes an element out of the game that used to always be apart of it.  What makes the DH even worse is that only half the league has it, which doesn't make sense to have different set of rules for one half of the league than the other.

Another reason I am against the DH is because of Babe Ruth.  This may be dumb because of one player, but he is 3rd in MLB history in home runs.  If they had the DH rule back then, he would have never had a shot to show his home run hitting ability.  Sometimes I wonder how many other pitchers could have also been great home run hitters (yes, I know Babe Ruth's and good hitting pitchers do not come around often, but that is usually because they don't work on it).

Balance the Leagues:

I think each league should have 15 teams, and if that means interleague games all season then so be it.  I would reorganize it like this:

Eastern Conference:
Northeast- Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Phillies, Orioles
Atlantic- Pirates, Nationals, Indians, Tigers, Blue Jays
Southeast- Rays, Marlins, Braves, Reds, Cardinals

Western Conference:
Central- Cubs, White Sox, Brewers, Twins, Royals
Southwest- Mariners, Giants, Dodgers, Athletics, Angels
Pacific- Padres, Rangers, Astros, Rockies, Diamondbacks

I feel this would make more sence because of locations of inter-division teams were closer.  Also, this gives the MLB a chance to develop new rivalries to go along with the ones we already have.

Schedule Change:

The MLB schedule right now is very confusing. Yes you play an equal number of home and road games, but thats the only thing consistant with the schedule.  There is not set amount of games you play against teams and this is a problem I think the MLB needs to address.  I am all for a schedule like this:

6 games against 1 division from opposite conference (5 teams- 3 home, 3 away)= 30 games
8 games against each inter-conference team team (10 teams- 4 home, 4 away)= 80 games
10 games against 4 other division team (5 home, 5 away)= 40 games
Total= 150 games

This is 12 games less than the current schedule, which would around 2 weeks off the schedule. This would move the World Series up, and hopefully would mean better weather for those games.  If they didn't want to do that, they could move the start of the season 2 weeks later, and could cut down on all these weather delays we always have at this time of year.


This is one part of the game I would leave alone.  I like the fact that 4 teams get in.  Each division winner gets in, and 1 wild card team from each conference.  The only thing I would change is that once the 4 teams are in, I would rank them by record.  For example, lets say in the east if the Red Sox, Tigers, and Rays win their respective divisions and the wild card team was the Cardinals.  If the Cardinals have a better record than the Tigers but worse record than the Rays and Sox, they would be the 3 seed instead of the division winner Tigers. 

World Series Home Field:

You had to know this was coming.  IMO having an exibition game be what determines home field in the world series is just plain stupid.  The team with the better record should get home field, and if there is a tie and the teams did not play that season, then maybe use the All Star game as what determines home field.  Just do not make it the first thing that determines home field.

Instant Replay:

Last season the MLB finally joined the party on instant replay.  I feel right now it being very basic with only home run calls is good, but I feel it should expand but not to much.  The only thing I would really add to be reviewable is close players on the bases and if a player caught a ball or trapped it.  Both of those can be just as important to a game as a home run.  Also, balls and strikes should never be reviewable because different umpires have different strike zones.

There should also be 3 ways to review a play:

  1. Manager Challenge-  Each manager should get 1 challenge per game, and if they win it they get an extra one.
  2. Umpire Challenge- If an umpire is unsure of a play, he should be able to review it to get the call right.
  3. Booth review- If the booth is sure a call is wrong, they can make the call down to the umpire to get the call right.


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